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Welcome to AIROSD


Quality-guaranteed Components

AIROSD has a mature supply chain system. International brands such as Mitsubishi and Panasonic have a long history of cooperation with AIROSD and have entered strategy cooperative relationship, which can be one of AIROSD core advantage in product quality and stability.

  • Manufacturing Center

    With 2 production bases(FOSHAN、HENAN), AIROSD manufacturing center monitors all the production lines by MES system to improve the efficiency. As one of the largest heat pump manufacturers in China, our daily production capability can achieve 600 units.

  • Social Responsibility

    Our mission is to let the staff stay happy with us, achieve customer's success, fulfill our social responsibilities.Our values is passion for innovation, cooperation and sharing, honesty and professionalism.

  • Technology Strength

    With a strong technical force of over 100 people and the power of modern technology R&D center, AIROSD has obtained 200+ patents which cover many fields as super low temperature EVI, defrosting, inverter technology, etc. Moreover, our products are certified by the standard of most countries in the world.

  • Market Strategy

    AIROSD mainly cooperates with customers on an OEM/ODM basis. Moreover, in order to satisfy more and more complex and demanding market, customized solution for swimming pool heating, house heating/cooling and hot water application can be made to our partners from high-end market.

Company Strength

  • 76+

    Countries & Regions
    Business Covering

  • 600+

    Heat Pump Daily Capacity

  • 50000+

    Square Meters
    Two Factory Area

  • 25

    Shortest Lead Time

  • 1000+

    Total Employees


AIROSD "4 + 1" high-tech intelligent R&D platform

The highest standard in the industry.
In order to ensure the stable use of products in extremely harsh environments and the quality and efficiency of units. AIROSD Foshan factory has built four laboratories and one test center, which have been assessed as qualified by the National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center & The National Compressor Refrigeration Equipment Supervision and Inspection Center:
1. "National - 35 ℃ Ultra-low Ambient Temperature Calibration Laboratory"
2. "Air Conditioner And Heat Pump Dryer Laboratory"
3. "Long Term Reliability Operating Laboratory"
4. "Simulated Vibration (Stress) Test Bench"
5."Product Online Automatic Intelligent Testing Center"

In each laboratory, it simulates the operation under extreme weather conditions and natural conditions such as sun, rain, thunder and lightning to ensure the optimal performance of the unit under various application environments.
  • environment

    Test environment temperature range: - 35~55℃, the test environment is more demanding than the actual use environment. Test the performance of the unit under more severe test conditions, including: cooling capacity, heating capacity, maximum operating conditions, defrosting, ultra-low temperature operation, etc

  • environment

    Each product technology has passed more than 100 different tests. In this process, data on relevant material characteristics, vibration (stress), noise, long-term fatigue operation, enthalpy difference of heat pump, etc. will be obtained. This data is particularly important for the performance and quality of products, and is also an important guarantee for the quality of units.

Advanced Technology

  • Advanced Technology  Mature Full DC Inverter Technology

    Advanced Technology Mature Full DC Inverter Technology

    Through more than years of research and advancement,AIOSD has mastered mature inverter technology and has applied to different cathouse heating and cooling, central domestic hot water heat pump, egory of its heat pump products, including swimming pool heating,

  • Commercial High Temperature

    Commercial High Temperature

    commercial high temperature water heating solution, which has improved the energy efficiency of up to 30%-80%, bringing great energy savings to the customers.

  • Super Silence Performance

    Super Silence Performance

    Through repeated advancement on internal structure, adoption of branded compressor, fan motor and inverter technology, AIROSD heat pump product can run very silently, the sound level of which is much lower than most heat pump product from domestic heat pump manufacturers.

  • Smart Control Technology

    Smart Control Technology

    AIROSD has a strong smart control technology which helps to realize high-level customization in the aspect of smart controlling. The smart app can work via WIFI, making your really easy and smart life come true. Controller with WIFI to realize APP remote setting. Convenient for installation and maintenance.

  • Low-temperature Operation

    Low-temperature Operation

    With the self-developed EVI technology and automatic defrosting function. AIROSD house heating heat pump can operate stably in ambient temperature of -35℃, meanwhile supplies hot water of up to 55, whose performance is very outstanding under super low temperature climate.

  • Wide Application Range

    Wide Application Range

    AIROSD’s heat pump product can satisfy various hot water demand with wide hot water temperature range from 26℃ to 80. And its application occasions covers from domestic to commercial. The product R & D and processing capacity is in the leading position in the same industry in China.