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Normal AT. air to water water heater heat pump(-15~43℃)

Normal AT. air to water water heater heat pump(-15~43℃)

Commercial heat pumps transfer energy from air, ground, or water, and have the characteristics of low operating cost, high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection, good heating effect, and safety guarantee. Many large heat pump water heaters have been widely used in commercial buildings, such as hotels, schools, villas, and so on.

As a professional hot water heat pump manufacturer, AIROSD produces different types of commercial heat pump systems according to their heat source, including Industrial high-temperature heat pumps, Ultra-low temperature series heat pump, and Normal temperature series heat pump.

If you are looking for the best solution for hot water supply for commercial projects, our commercial heat pump water heaters will be your ideal choice. It can not only guarantee a 24-hour comfortable hot water supply but also is widely used in hot water projects of various large buildings to provide a large amount of water supply.

So choose us and find the perfect solution for your commercial project hot water supply.