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ON/OFF swimming pool heat pump

ON/OFF swimming pool heat pump

ON/OFF swimming pool heat pump is heated or cooled by controlling the compressor. Since the mains frequency cannot be changed, the compressor speed of the ON/OFF swimming pool heat pump will not change substantially. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor stops working.

DC swimming pool Inverter heat pump adjusts the power supply frequency of the compressor and fan according to different water temperature environments so that they can work efficiently and use energy reasonably. Inverter pool heat pumps draw less current when the system starts up. The wider the frequency range, the more it can run without stopping under most working conditions, and the energy saving is also obvious.

If you are looking for a suitable swimming pool heat pump, AIROSD can provide you with a series of swimming pool heat pumps. These include ON/OFF swimming pool heat pumps and DC swimming pool Inverter heat pumps. We are a wholesale swimming pool heat pump supplier in China, always paying attention to customer needs and producing high-quality products.

Our swimming pool heat pumps are specifically designed and manufactured for temperature control of commercial swimming pools or spas. The V-shaped designed condenser wind direction and intelligent control system make the unit work efficiently and stably.