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R410 Monoblock heating & cooling heat pump(-15~43℃)

R410 Monoblock heating & cooling heat pump(-15~43℃)

Have you heard of heat pumps? A heat pump is part of a home's heating and cooling system and is primarily installed outside the home. It works like a central air conditioner, heating and cooling you. In cold weather, a heat pump takes heat from the cold outside and moves it indoors. On hot days, it draws heat from the indoor air to cool down. Since they are powered by electricity and use refrigerant to transfer heat, it provides year-round comfort for people.
AIROSD is a well-known hot water heating pump factory in China. In order to better meet people's needs, we produce different types of heat pumps. For example, EVI DC inverter heat pump, EVI ON/OFF heat pump, Normal temperature heat pump, etc. If you are looking for high-quality heat pumps with various styles, we will be your ideal choice.
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