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Welcom to AIROSD

Scope of Business

AIROSD is a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in the manufacture of "-35℃ ultra-low temperature air source heat pump, heating and cooling heat pump, constant temperature heat pump, central hot water heat pump , special heat pump for dehumidification and drying" and other products. It has 20 years of expertise in the heat pump industry. Serving and practical application experience in 76 countries around the world, with the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, stability and reliability, it has become a government-recommended solution to replace traditional boilers.

AIROSD has two professional production bases (Foshan, Henan), which can achieve a daily output of 600+ units of ultra-low temperature heating dedicated heat pumps.

AIROSD led the project "Air Source Heat Pump, Solar Energy and Floor Heating Technology Project" of the Building Energy Conservation and Technology Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and was successfully accepted.

Participated in the editor-in-chief of the "China Radiant Cooling and Heating Equipment Performance Test Method" and "Household Air Source Heat Pump Heating System Technical Regulations" and other standards. Participated in compiling the standard of "Scroll Refrigerant Compressor for Heat Pump Drying (No.: Energy 20170754)", "Outstanding Brand in China's Heat Pump Industry", "Best Application Award for Air Source Heat Pump Drying", "2018 Excellent Industrial and Agricultural Dryer in China's Heat Pump Industry" Dry Brand" and "CQC Air Source Heat Pump Hot Air Drying (Dehumidification) Unit Certification Technical Specifications", participated in the compilation of "Multiple Low Temperature Air Source Heat Pump Hot Air Technical Standards", "Clean Heating Technology Evaluation Standards" and other industry standards. Won the title of "Hebei Province Heat Pump Construction and Maintenance Professional Grade A Enterprise" and Hebei "Coal to Electricity" Demonstration Project Award.



Based on strong capability of research and development, AIROSD mainly provides standard products for customers on ODM basis.


If clients have their own idea and design of the products, AIROSD can actualize and modify it to make it easy for mass production.


AIROSD mainly do self-owned brand in China domestic market.


Committed to becoming a heat pump brand trusted by global consumers, AIROSD insists on bringing more high-quality experiences to consumers with professional quality and innovative technology that synchronizes with the world. Since production and design are in line with the world trend, so far, our products have been selected by 76 countries and regions around the world.

Advanced Technology

  • Advanced Technology  Mature Full DC Inverter Technology

    Advanced Technology Mature Full DC Inverter Technology

    Through more than years of research and advancement,AIOSD has mastered mature inverter technology and has applied to different cathouse heating and cooling, central domestic hot water heat pump, egory of its heat pump products, including swimming pool heating,

  • Commercial High Temperature

    Commercial High Temperature

    commercial high temperature water heating solution, which has improved the energy efficiency of up to 30%-80%, bringing great energy savings to the customers.

  • Super Silence Performance

    Super Silence Performance

    Through repeated advancement on internal structure, adoption of branded compressor, fan motor and inverter technology, AIROSD heat pump product can run very silently, the sound level of which is much lower than most heat pump product from domestic heat pump manufacturers.

  • Smart Control Technology

    Smart Control Technology

    AIROSD has a strong smart control technology which helps to realize high-level customization in the aspect of smart controlling. The smart app can work via WIFI, making your really easy and smart life come true. Controller with WIFI to realize APP remote setting. Convenient for installation and maintenance.

  • Low-temperature Operation

    Low-temperature Operation

    With the self-developed EVI technology and automatic defrosting function. AIROSD house heating heat pump can operate stably in ambient temperature of -35℃, meanwhile supplies hot water of up to 55, whose performance is very outstanding under super low temperature climate.

  • Wide Application Range

    Wide Application Range

    AIROSD’s heat pump product can satisfy various hot water demand with wide hot water temperature range from 26℃ to 80. And its application occasions covers from domestic to commercial. The product R & D and processing capacity is in the leading position in the same industry in China.


AIROSD strong R&D ability, AIROSD are presented with many National Invention
Excellence Award and High-tech Products awards.