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R290 Monoblock air to water heat pump (-25~43℃)

R290 Monoblock air to water heat pump (-25~43℃)

Are you looking for EVI on/off heat pumps? AIROSD may be a good choice for you. We are an r32 heat pump manufacturer with rich experience, specializing in the production of a series of heat pump water heaters, including EVI DC inverter heat pump, EVI ON/OFF heat pump, Normal temperature heat pump, and so on.

EVI DC inverter heat pump can automatically adjust the compressor speed according to the change in ambient temperature while keeping the temperature more stable. Even if the set temperature is reached, the unit will not shut down and keep running with low energy consumption.

Our EVI DC inverter heat pump is a solution for heating, cooling, and producing domestic hot water using DC inverter technology. It can not only meet the heating demand of the house but also provide domestic hot water. Also, it can provide you with a cool environment in the hot summer.